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Beck Optronic Solutions has extensive experience and expertise in the design and manufacture of thermal imaging lenses for both industrial and defence applications. We have a range of thermal imaging lenses for use with modern staring array sensors in both the 3-5µm and 8-14µm bands and with performances optimised for pixel dimensions from 50µm x 50µm down to the most recent devices at 10µm x 10µm. Our advanced designs use aspheric and diffractive surfaces when required to provide the best and most economic design solutions.

We also have experience in designing and manufacturing solutions that are sealed, ruggedized and fully qualified for defence, security and aerospace applications Recognising that athermalisation has become increasingly important to the designers and users of thermal imagers in industrial, security and defence applications, Beck has developed a number of passively athermalised lenses that offer stable imaging performance over the temperature range of -30°C to +60°C.

The thermal imaging optical components and lens systems are manufactured, assembled and tested at our Hemel Hempstead facility. Qualification of imaging lenses is by the measurement of MTF on our all-band MTF test equipment. When required, systems may be further qualified by shock and vibration testing at an accredited test house.

Athermalised Thermal Imaging Lenses

Beck Optronic Solutions offers a range of high performance, ruggedized and athermalised lenses for uncooled focal plane arrays operating in the 8-14µm waveband.

Lenses for Cooled Detectors

Beck Optronic Solutions designs and manufatuctures custom lenses for cooled detectors.