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Beck Optronic Solutions has an certified ISO 9001 Quality Management System to underpin our commitment to quality, and customer service. We are now incorporating an Environmental Management System to meet the recognised international standard for such systems, ISO 14001.

This commitment is not about getting a badge - quality, ownership and responsibility are central to our philosophy and our objective of meeting or exceeding Client expectations.

We thrive on technical challenge. Delivery is founded upon the dedication, skill and experience of our employees, together with investment in advanced tools, equipment and facilities.

We are rightfully proud of our history, which we can trace back to 1839 and an optical business founded by James Smith and financed by JJ Lister, the physicist who played a key role in the development of microscopy.

A brief history of Beck and its predecessor companies is shown below.

  • 1839

    James Smith

    Financed by JJ Lister

  • 1847

    Smith & Beck

    Richard Beck joins

  • 1857

    Smith Beck & Beck

    Joseph Beck joins

  • 1865

    R & J Beck

    James Smith retires.

  • 1895

    R & J Beck Ltd

    Incorporated as a limited company.

  • 1964

    Griffin & George

  • 1968

    Ealing Corporation Inc

    Microscopes, medical equipment, biology equipment, Ealing catalogue, lens testing equipment.

  • 1973

    Davin Optical

    Optical components.

  • 1985

    Ealing Electro Optics plc

    Business floated on USM

  • 1988

    Ealing Electro Optics plc

    Business acquired by 600 Group plc.

  • 1990

    Davin Optronics Ltd

    Optical components, optical design, optical assemblies, night vision optics.

  • 2010

    Davin Optronics Ltd

    Davin Optronics Ltd acquired by Optronic Investments

  • 2014

    Beck Optronic Solutions

    Beck Optronic Solutions acquires IPR, stock and some assets of Davin Optronics. All key staff are transferred to Beck.

  • 2015

    Beck Optronic Solutions

    Move to current site in Hemel Hempstead completed.