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Reflecting Objectives

Below you will find some useful information to help you select, align and use your Beck Optronic Solutions Reflecting Objective.

User Guide - 5001 & 5002User Guide - 5003, 5004, 5006 & 5007Aligning a BOS Reflecting Objective


Interface Drawing 5001InterfaceDrawing 5002InterfaceDrawing 5003


Interface Drawing 5004InterfaceDrawing 5006InterfaceDrawing 5007


Technical Paper on Central ObscurationsChanging the Magnification of a Reflecting ObjectiveConsiderations on Curved Spiders


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I intend using a laser beam with a Reflecting Objective. What beam diameter should I use for best performance?

A. Ideally the beam should fill the secondary (small convex) mirror. Diameters are to be found in the Interface Drawings above.

Q. I intend using a laser beam with a Reflecting Objective. What focussed spot size will I get?

A. For a Gaussian beam filling the secondary (small convex) mirror the the 1/e2 spot diameter = 2λ/πNA.

Q. Does the central obscuration affect the spot size?

A. No, though there will be more energy in the outer diffracted zones. Please see our technical paper for furtther information.








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