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Beck Optronic Solutions designs and manufactures integrated optical systems to the most exacting technical standards

We have unrivalled experience and expertise to draw upon – no matter what your requirement, you can be assured that we will previously have successfully tackled a similar optical challenge

Thermal Imaging Lenses

Beck Optronic Solutions offers a range of high performance, ruggedized and athermalised lenses for uncooled focal plane arrays operating in the 8-14µm.



Pixel Count 384 x 288 484 x 288 640 x 480
Pixel Pitch (microns) 35 25 25
Array dimensions (mm) 13.44 x 10.00 9.60 x 7.20 16.00 x 12.00


Focal Length (mm) Hfov (degrees) Hfov (degrees) Hfov (degrees)
15.0 48.3 35.5 56.1
25.0 30.1 21.7 35.5
35.0 21.7 15.6 25.8
50.0 15.3 11.0 18.2
75.0 10.2 7.3 12.2
100.0 7.7 5.5 9.1
150.0 5.1 3.7 6.1


Operating temperature -30°C to +55°C
Storage temperature -40°C to +71°C
Sealing IP67
External coating High durability or high efficiency
Mechanical shock MIL-E-5400, Para
Vibration MIL-STD-810F



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Beck Optronic Solutions Limited

Beck Optronic Solutions has a history of designing and manufacturing precision optical solutions going back to 1839. Based near London, UK, BOS has comprehensive engineering capabilities across UV, visible, near infrared, thermal imaging and CO2 laser wavebands, and serves defence and commercial Clients worldwide.

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